XJ3D Released

1:53 p.m. / Posted by cogspace /

At last:

Xj3D 1.0 is a Java-based, open source, X3D browser, developer library, and test environment for virtual reality and augmented reality on web-based, desktop, or mobile devices. It aims at conformance to the X3D spec while maintaining high performance using OpenGL hardware acceleration, and it implements CADGeometry, DIS, GeoSpatial, H-Anim, as well as extensions for Rigid Body Physics, Particle Systems, Clipping planes, Picking Utilities, Abstract Device IO. Mac OS X users can explore any VRML or X3D model, as well as incorporate the technologies into their own applications. Xj3D is free for Mac OS X (Java 1.4.2 or greater), Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Hopefully now we will see some momentum gather and X3D will at last take off.