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Virtual Reality is generally regarded with some level of skepticism in Computing and as someone who works in VR I find the VR Community to be a rather dispersed group. As a result, members of the VR Research communiity have to rely on websites, etc. to stay up-to date with the latest developments.

This year I have noticed that old 'stalwarts' seem to be fading away. For instance and vrnews have effectively ceased operating.

The only reliable VR news website that I have come across recently is a site developed by Laurel and Leonard Daly, . However, the turnover of news material is rather slow. The last posting was 7/22/2005.

Hopefully, this blog will go someway to address this shortfall and help to generate interest amongst and within the VR Research community again.

rgds Dave


Comment by rob harvie on 8:34 p.m.

Thanks for re-rolling the ball.

On a historical note, one of the best resources for the longest time I quite miss - Sandy Ressler's contribution to's (previously The Mining Company) web3D section.

On the topic of golden oldies, Rev. Bob is a classic -

Don Brutzman (US navy) seems to keep quite busy/current; his course page at is a good, modern resource.

Ping goes on a geospatial tangent
Viveka also contributes to a greeat resource for Mac users at

VRMLsuck for those of the Deutsche persuasion

As NEW resources occur to me, I'll try and remember to mention them here....


Anonymous on 12:01 a.m.

Thanks for setting this up, Dave. I think the community (such as it remains) can use this sort of "gathering point".


Comment by Viveka on 10:56 p.m.

The Web3D consortium runs an active news feed on their front page -
X3D News.
It's focused on industry announcements though, so the arrival of this blog is most welcome. Especially when you get RSS going ^_^

For your convenience, here are the links from Rob's post:

Rev. Bob is a classic

Don Brutzman's course page is a good, modern resource

Ping goes on a geospatial tangent

Viveka also contributes to a great resource for Mac users (aw, shucks!)

VRMLsuck for those of the Deutsche persuasion

Comment by cogspace on 5:43 p.m.

thanks for the encouragement folks, it is really good to see there are still people interested in this.

BTW, it appears that the venerable VRFresh site has been reomved. That is a pity as it had great potential to be *the* place for distilling news about VR.

- cogspace

Comment by Jacques-André Boulay on 7:30 p.m.

I recently launched a new website ( which is intended to the
"VR Community": people who work/study in the field of Virtual Reality or are
really interested by it.

The turnover of news material is fast: new information is posted every day.

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