Virtual Reality Books

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Over the years I have acquired many books on the topic of Virtual Reality. Some of them were standard VR text books bought from high-street bookstores, others were a little more difficult to source and usually involved some haggling on eBay.

The purpose of this series of posts is to share my thoughts on these books with you and to see if they correspond or not with your own thoughts on these books.

We seem to be on the cusp of another VR era - could we possibly call it a renaissance? 

We have learned a lot since the 1980s and the hype that surrounded VR, which was also helped along by Hollywood (examples include Lawnmower Man and the Matrix).

Hopefully my meagre effort here will help us to move forward in a more measured, considered way, so that we don't fall in to the 1980's trap of believing that this is the second coming (in computing terms of course).

I'll start the ball rolling by listing the books that I have to hand.

Book List

Recommended Text Books:

Other Books: