New University module to be delivered in Second Life

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JOYSTIQ is carrying a piece on an academic (Ed Lamoureux) who is going to run a Multimedia-VR module entirely in Second Life. The module is called "Field Research in Second Life" (Multimedia 490, MM 490) and will initially be limited to 8 students. The module objectives are:

1. teach real world field research (communication ethnography) techniques.
2. adapt real world field research techniques to a virtual environment.
3. examine the potential of immersive online communities as teaching and learning environments, both for BU/MM and for New Media Consortium and its partners/sponsors.
4. expose BU/MM students (as future MM producers) to an immersive, online, 3D environment that has purposes in addition to/other than gaming.

This is truly a new departure and Ed should be commended for taking this `leap'.

It would be nice if Ed were to publish a post-module evaluation so that we can see if this is a viable medium for teaching and learning.



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